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Linda Steele, Contemporary Painter, Sculptor, Designer

Linda Steele is a contemporary painter and sculptor, born, raised and still lives in the small northeast Ohio community of Leetonia. 

Her artistic abilities were very evident at an early age, coloring and shading within the lines at age 2, drawing paper dolls on school notepaper on the bus ride home from school.  Upon graduation from high school she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Commercial Art, married her high school sweetheart and they raised three children.  She is a proud grandmother of six and great grandmother of 2. 

The oldest of three girls, she recalls the first year she didn’t get a doll for Christmas and how devastated she was at 10 years old.   With three young children of her own she decided to take a ceramic class one night a week just for some “me” time.  After making a porcelain doll for her daughter for Christmas she began to pursue a career in doll artistry.  A self taught sculptor, for the next 35 years she created collectible dolls from scratch.  She was considered on the “A” list of doll designers receiving numerous international awards for her creativity and artistry.   

In 2017 suddenly her career took a different direction upon the discovery of fluid acrylic painting.  Using various acrylic pouring techniques her work is then enhanced by the addition of animals, birds, butterflies, landscapes and much more.  Sometimes the paint tells her what she is supposed to do and other times she believes it is heavenly intervention directing her in the subject matter.  “I paint for my own enjoyment.”  With just a little over a year since her artistry took on new life, she has already received recognition from the Fine Arts Community.

I love the way acrylic pouring can itself provide the inspiration for a finished work.  I call these 'random' pours, in that I limit my control of the outcome to the colors chosen.  It can sometimes take several months to 'see' how to incorporate the main subject of the painting into the initial pour, but I think these often turn out to be the best.  This  random technique keeps my work fresh and is a constant inspiration to me.  It pushes me towards paintings I would never otherwise have imagined.  At the same time, with practice, it is possible to control the pour to build abstract landscapes which give a fairy tale feeling which would be impossible to produce with any other technique.


Sometimes, too, the pour has a beauty all of its own, and does not need any further embellishment.  Fluid acrylic pouring provides the inspiration for the embellishment.  To see the subject matter to incorporate may happen right away or take months.  My imagination is enhanced by the randomness of fluid acrylic pouring background.  Each pour is unique with a subject created specifically for that pour. 

Below are my painting that have been finalist and won awards through online international competition.

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